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The air conditioner is broken.

On this, the hottest weekend of the year, when it hit a heat index of 120 degrees just south in Dover, DE… Our central air broke. This wasn’t entirely unforeseen – it’s an old unit, definitely past the end of its expected lifespan – but that doesn’t make it any less beastly hot. So I did what anyone would do – made myself some hot-weather lounging clothes/pajamas. The tank top is a Stitch Upon a Time Versa-Cami – my recent favorite pattern for shelf bra camisoles. The shorts are Stitch Upon a Time Boxerwear for women – those will double as slip shorts underneath skirts and dresses for days I have to wear more than the bare minimum.

Ok, now I’m off to take a freezing cold shower and pray to the gods of central air.

I’ve finally gotten around to it.

As the title of the blog suggests, I like to make stuff.  For some time, I’ve been considering starting a blog.  Would I start a knitting blog?  A crochet blog?  A sewing blog?  What about a baking blog, or a cooking blog?  I’ve tried one or the other over time, and none of them worked.  I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to making things, and as soon as I’d decide on one skill to concentrate on, there would go my interest, flying out the window and away like a hummingbird on Red Bull.  Not good.  So, I’m giving this a try.  An all-purpose, stuff-I-make blog.

I’m Marie.  I make stuff.