A Bowl Story

When I moved out of my parents’ house, my mother gave me a set of Pyrex nesting mixing bowls that she had, and that I used frequently for cooking. I love these bowls. They’re a hideous 1970s avocado green and they’re one of my favorite things ever.

Photo not mine, but that’s what they look like. No idea why they’re called ‘Cinderella’ bowls, but they are.

Since then, because I use the bowls, and because I have kids, we have broken some over the years and some have been replaced. Some time in the past six months, the next-to-largest one went missing. Of course, nobody knows anything about what might have happened to it, so I can only assume it grew legs and ran away to join the circus and has been living its best life as a trapeze artist and fire-breather since then. There has been a 2.5-quart-sized-bowl-shaped hole in my kitchen, though. It was the perfect size for feeding sourdough starter for a double batch of pizza dough, so every week, when I have had to use a bowl that is not as perfectly sized for the task I have been sad about its disappearance.

Fast forward to now. Virtual window-shopping has become a favorite pastime of mine during quarantine. On a whim, last week, I was trolling eBay, and I noticed that someone had a matching, 2.5-quart, hideous avocado green Pyrex bowl for sale. Friends, it was only a few dollars! It came today! Once again (at least until my kids touch it again,) my set of hideous 1970s avocado green Pyrex stacking mixing bowls is complete!