2017 holiday pajamas

2017 xmas pjs smol

Well, it wasn’t pretty, nor was it easy, but I persevered and managed to get the boys’ 2017 holiday pajamas done.  The fabrics this year were from Joann Fabrics; the tops are hoodies made of a bright red fleece, and the bottoms are elastic-waist flannel pajama pants with a wintery penguin print.  Photography is frustrating; the photograph makes the red look more vibrant than it really is, and makes the flannel print and the background look less vibrant than they really are.  I promise that in person, it works.

I keep forgetting, in between Christmases, how much the boys grow in a year.  Last year, I bought eight yards of flannel for the bottoms and managed to get away with about a yard extra.  This year, I bought eight yards of flannel for the bottoms and was praying I’d have enough… I ended out with less than a quarter of a yard to spare.  Note to self: next year, you need two bolts of fabric (Joann carries them in bolts of 8 yards, give or take) for the bottoms.

I think this year will be the last year that I use my treasured Kwik Sew Sewing for Children book.  My youngest is in a size 12-14 now, and that’s the largest size the book goes up to.  Guess everyone is in men’s sizing as of 2018!  How times have changed.  I made coming home outfits for two of these three children to wear as newborns, and now I’m making adult man-sized clothing for them.