Marie Bakes Stuff

It’s the first weekend day in a few weeks that hasn’t been (as) beastly hot, so I’ve taken advantage of the milder weather to do some baking.

First up this morning was my usual sourdough sandwich bread.  I make this twice a week, every week, and it’s the basic bread my family eats.  I bake it in two 8″ x 5″ loaf pans, and it’s perfect for toast or sandwiches.

Second was a loaf of IKEA BRÖDMIX FLERKORN multigrain bread.  I picked up this mix last week on a whim, and figured I might as well bake it today.  My only complaint is that I don’t know what kind of Swedish muscles IKEA thinks people have, but my weak American muscles were not able to thoroughly mix the dry ingredients and water in the container as directed on the package.  Do yourself a favor and pour it out into a mixing bowl.  Trust me.

(The divot in the edge of the bread is just due to my husband holding it to cut it – I promise it started out even.)

Third was a batch of lemon drop cookies.  My middle son is lately obsessed with lemon and lemon-flavored things, so I figured while I was baking, why not throw a batch of these in?  I think I slightly under-baked them (he doesn’t care for crisp or crunchy cookies, and I think I over-corrected in the other direction) but he says they’re fine now that they’ve cooled.

And finally, the big adventure of the day: donuts!  I got the recipe from the Breadit subreddit, and unfortunately, I can’t find it online any more to link it.  It was insanely simple, though the dough was so sticky – I’ll make these again, but not in the summer!  Since this was my first attempt, I went with donut holes.  They’re delicious.