Doing the mending

One of my goals for 2019 has been to stop buying so many crafting supplies.  Whether it be for knitting, sewing, or anything else, I’m swimming in supplies with precious little time to use them.

So when I found that two of my foundation garments had broken or mangled hooks, rather than go out and buy replacement hooks and eyes, I thought I’d rifle my drawers and see what I could find.   I managed to locate an ancient nursing foundation garment (mind, my youngest child is almost 12 years old! so when I say ancient, I do mean ancient) that still had serviceable hooks, so I went about trying to extract them to use in my more recent garments.

The struggle that ensued was one for the ages!  I had no idea that so many layers of fabric were involved in foundation garments.  But I did eventually prevail, thanks to patience and some very sharp Gingher snips, and sat down to replace the broken hooks.  Extracting and replacing the broken hooks was, thankfully, much less arduous than extracting the good ones, and now I’ve got garments that will suffice for some time longer.

Lesson learned.  And I really need a thimble.